YouTube Marketing Etiquette: Giving Valuable Information & Avoiding Spam

YouTube spam is when a video is posted for the sole purpose of being a sales pitch. It is simply a way to try and get a quick buck from the YouTube community. You definitely want to avoid putting up things like this and start earning a great amount of money on the internet.

You definitely want to consider posting an incredible message that can add value to the users experience. Not only will this increase your chances for a sale, but it can also help your chances of trying to build up your reputation and have subscribers as well. When you have subscribers to your video – you ultimately increase your chances of sales as you will have repeat buyers – depending on what the purpose of your website is. You just want to make sure that you have content that is relevant to the keywords listed on your page.

If you have a website about dog products, and you have a video posted about dog products – then why not post a “how-to” video instead of a “buy-now” video. People actually hate those advertisements as they seem like a cheap way to get some quick cash – these days it can be rather hard to separate people from their hard earned money.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you definitely want to consider the use of redirect links as people don’t like affiliate links – they seem rather spammy. Therefore you want to consider the possibility of using redirect links so they seem like legitimate website URL’s as opposed as long unnecessary links that point towards the web site. By combining this with excellent video messages, you can ensure that your YouTube etiquette will be grade “A.”

youtube-communityAnother thing that you want to consider doing is to start building a friendship/YouTube community with many of the members that are around. You can start commenting on their videos and even start e-mailing them. You don’t want to start spamming, however, you want to make sure that you build a relationship with many of the YouTube people so that you can help them and help yourself at the same time. Remember, marketing is nothing if you do not have any contacts or networking. Be sure to treat Youtube marketing like a real-world business. By doing this you can achieve an incredible amount of success with YouTube!

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