The Laptop Computer is the Only Tech Gadget I Need

Technology is a great part of our daily lives these days, and so many devices we use are based on new technology. With people all over the world using various tech gadgets, it might be hard to narrow down a choice to just one. Tech gadgets are great but there is definitely one that stands out to me, which I would not want to be without.

If I had to pick just one tech gadget to use for all of my personal needs, it would definitely be a laptop computer. Laptops these days have everything inside them, which incorporates a variety of applications and programs. Laptop computers basically can be your cell phone, video or camera and it can also function as a place to find all your needed information. Anything you need is right there in front of you on the webpage, which fits all of my personal needs and more. You have the ability to watch videos and clips through websites such as YouTube and you also have the ability to view movies through websites like Netflix.

A laptop computer can basically do everything that all of the other tech gadgets do, but just in a different format or program. Skype is a video chat program you can use to video conference with your friends and family, so you could use that instead of a cell phone. Yahoo! Mail also has a chat or mobile text feature built into their mail service, which enables someone to chat with someone via text or regular chat. Although it can be annoying at times, it is a great way to communicate with friends and family, especially if they are long distance. Not to mention that you can still use your regular electronic mail to get in touch with those you need to communicate with, so you really do not need a phone anymore.

The laptop computer, especially for me, signifies every tech gadget into one where there are endless possibilities. It comes down to the ability to do everything I need to do in one general location, without having to worry about an application for this or a cell phone for that. Laptop computers also have the ability to call people, where you can talk to them just as you would on the telephone if you have a microphone. Most computers come with a microphone although they are usually pretty cheap and often break. Newer computers come with so many different programs that enables you to have virtually anything you need within a click.

I am also partial to choosing the laptop as my only tech gadget because of freelance writing and online surveys I take. Without my laptop computer, I would not be able to write articles or do surveys, which all earn me various types of compensation. Since I use my laptop for income purposes, I do not think I could choose another product because I need it to make money. I also use the computer a lot for watching videos on YouTube, which I am unlikely to ever give up. If I could not listen to my music everyday then I would be very upset, because music is therapeutic for me. Without the ability to login to YouTube and click a video, I would literally go insane and probably get depressed. I know that a lot of phones have the ability to handle videos from YouTube but it is not as good downloading the videos fast without buffering. Also, the ability to maximize a video or movie and watch it in full-screen on your laptop is something I enjoy. No matter how fast or small they make cell phones or how Internet-equipped they are, nothing beats having a laptop. Choosing one tech gadget is easy for me because my laptop is essentially a big part of my life and without it, I would definitely be lost and more broke than I am now.

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