Learn How to Find Profitable Keywords to Make Money

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key factor for any website as long as they want to stay high in the page rankings. SEO, simply known as keywords, could be therefore called as the gateway of any website. If you need to enhance the web traffic of your site, you have to work with those keywords more often. Every webmaster thinks it important to have a keyword analysis done whenever possible. To make money online, you need to have keyword rich contents and moneymaking keywords.

Placing the sales pitch of your website on the first page i.e. google searches, is definitely a winning factor already and will give you the chance to improve your sales or whatever your website wants from the internet world.

As an example, you happen to be a regular guy who owns a plumbing business in your local area. To test how it works, and to find out who among you in the competition, having the same business gets noticed in google results, you will naturally type ‘plumber los angeles‘ (if you are in LA, California) in the google searches box. This is in simplest form what we call keywords. Again as an example, you were convinced how the SEO process can generate promising results, so you got your own company website and now you are ready to learn how SEO works. As a beginner, you will normally key in ‘plumber seo guide‘  so you can check all the available resources that offer information about SEO for plumbers.

Some (bigger) companies even pay for advanced boosting just to place their websites on top of the searches. But just as how it’s done in advertising, the costing will also be relatively higher. For startups like us, we can always learn, try and apply the basics of SEO. In the long run, the concept of SEO itself will let us think of strategies and tricks. But remember, just as with other businesses, honesty counts too. If you bump into the word ‘black hat SEO’ as you learn, this is an SEO practice that you should not even think of trying. Google penalizes those who cheat, remember that.

How can you create moneymaking keywords?

This is not a tough task to be done. Keywords fall into three different categories:

  1. Research Keywords. These keywords are used to gather information. These searches will be completely on academic interest. The person who performs this search will not be having an intention to buy anything.
  2. Shopping Keywords. As the name suggests, the persons who search with these keywords will be interested in buying something. But the problem is that you never know when they are going to buy it. Sometimes these people might be gathering all available information on a particular product before buying it. They might sometimes be looking for a comparison on various brands as well.
  3. Money Keywords. This is the most important section for someone who is or is trying to be making money online. This time the searchers are definitely looking to buy some product or service, for sure. Internet marketers find these search words as their best possible way to gain more profit. An ordinary web visitor will turn to a potential buyer when he types a money keyword. That is the reason why these keywords are considered the hottest ones.

Having read the above, now you might think that money keywords alone can make magic. That is not true. You need to have all of these three categories in your website, money keyword being the most important one.

How can you identify a pure money keyword?

You may be amazed to know that some keywords you always thought to be a part of research keywords, are really money keywords. To find out the hottest keywords, you need to do keyword analysis every now and then. While selecting a money keyword, you should ensure that it would help a person who is looking to buy some products online.

These keywords should guide him to the best seller and offer him the best possible price. Hopefully you can put what you have learned here into practice and find the best keywords to make money with. Remember, not all keywords are created equal – do your research. That is one competitive edge you can have to push for higher rankings.

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