This blog is a team collective effort of self-taught students from a small community. The people behind this project know the significance and help this blog can bring to aspire more people like us.

It was just a plan or perhaps we can say just a part of a bigger plan of four youngsters who wanted to make it big in online marketing industry. No formal training but just the desire of the heart to explore and learn more about SEO, reputation marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and etc.. Consider this blog as a compilation of what the team has to say and share about the niche online marketing.

Just some headsup, as this blog continues to rise up on the ranking and settle its authority online, some monetary donations, membership fees or paid services will be released for a cause and also in order to support leveling up┬áthe blog’s purpose. But for now, you can all have a thing to say by contacting us or commenting to each of our post just so to spread the good information we have here.