Here is a condensed collection of some of the most effective, quick-and-dirty Google search techniques out there. These examples will make it easy for you to perform efficient searches just by using the standard Google interface.

Have you ever been baffled by the sheer number of search results you get while searching in Google? Who hasn’t? There are often just too many results to be able to deal with them effectively. This summary of search tips for the standard Google interface will help you make your full-text searches become more productive. After all, less is more. So let’s get going!


The Google search engine uses the so-called Boolean AND by default. All that means is that Google automatically searches for all of the words you enter.
For example, the entry moped aardvark peanuts will only find the entries that contain all three of these words.

OR (or the “pipe” symbol |)

You can specify that any of those three words are acceptable by using the modifier OR. If your entry is now moped OR aardvark OR peanuts you will notice a considerable difference in the number of returns you get.

Quotation marks

What’s the difference between typing pink monkey and “pink monkey”? Because of the default Boolean AND, the pink monkey search will result in finding all documents in which both the individual words pink and monkey are present. The “pink monkey” search will only locate the documents in which the term pink monkey is present.

Parenthesis ( )

If you are sure about one search term, but not so sure about the others, you can group them together with parenthesis. For example, moped (aardvark OR peanuts) will search for all of the instances of aardvark or peanuts along with the word moped.

Minus sign –

If you want to make sure that a particular query item does not appear in your search results, simply use a minus sign. Example: moped aardvark -peanuts.


The term filetype: helps you to search for specific filename extensions. For example, moped filetype:doc will only show you the search result documents that have the extension .doc.


The term site: will help you to search at either a specific site or a top-level domain. Try idaho site:gov if all you are looking for is information about Idaho in the .gov top-level domain.


The term intext: searches for text in the body of a page. Try intext:”the blue moped” or intext:”four score and seven years ago”.


intitle: will limit your searches to titles of web pages. For example: intitle:”tiny tim”.


inurl: cuts your search down to the URLs of web pages. Example: inurl:”google search tips”.


That’s right! You can also search for telephone numbers in Google. Try phonebook:george bush DC.


Search for “businesses”, too. bphonebook:airport san francisco.

And remember the 10 word limit!

Google doesn’t like your queries to be any longer than 10 “words” (the keywords and the syntax included). In some instances you can help yourself here with the wildcard symbol: *. Google doesn’t count this wildcard toward that limit.

Technology is a great part of our daily lives these days, and so many devices we use are based on new technology. With people all over the world using various tech gadgets, it might be hard to narrow down a choice to just one. Tech gadgets are great but there is definitely one that stands out to me, which I would not want to be without.

If I had to pick just one tech gadget to use for all of my personal needs, it would definitely be a laptop computer. Laptops these days have everything inside them, which incorporates a variety of applications and programs. Laptop computers basically can be your cell phone, video or camera and it can also function as a place to find all your needed information. Anything you need is right there in front of you on the webpage, which fits all of my personal needs and more. You have the ability to watch videos and clips through websites such as YouTube and you also have the ability to view movies through websites like Netflix.

A laptop computer can basically do everything that all of the other tech gadgets do, but just in a different format or program. Skype is a video chat program you can use to video conference with your friends and family, so you could use that instead of a cell phone. Yahoo! Mail also has a chat or mobile text feature built into their mail service, which enables someone to chat with someone via text or regular chat. Although it can be annoying at times, it is a great way to communicate with friends and family, especially if they are long distance. Not to mention that you can still use your regular electronic mail to get in touch with those you need to communicate with, so you really do not need a phone anymore.

The laptop computer, especially for me, signifies every tech gadget into one where there are endless possibilities. It comes down to the ability to do everything I need to do in one general location, without having to worry about an application for this or a cell phone for that. Laptop computers also have the ability to call people, where you can talk to them just as you would on the telephone if you have a microphone. Most computers come with a microphone although they are usually pretty cheap and often break. Newer computers come with so many different programs that enables you to have virtually anything you need within a click.

I am also partial to choosing the laptop as my only tech gadget because of freelance writing and online surveys I take. Without my laptop computer, I would not be able to write articles or do surveys, which all earn me various types of compensation. Since I use my laptop for income purposes, I do not think I could choose another product because I need it to make money. I also use the computer a lot for watching videos on YouTube, which I am unlikely to ever give up. If I could not listen to my music everyday then I would be very upset, because music is therapeutic for me. Without the ability to login to YouTube and click a video, I would literally go insane and probably get depressed. I know that a lot of phones have the ability to handle videos from YouTube but it is not as good downloading the videos fast without buffering. Also, the ability to maximize a video or movie and watch it in full-screen on your laptop is something I enjoy. No matter how fast or small they make cell phones or how Internet-equipped they are, nothing beats having a laptop. Choosing one tech gadget is easy for me because my laptop is essentially a big part of my life and without it, I would definitely be lost and more broke than I am now.

These days it is easier than ever to setup your own website. Advances in design software and browser technology has brought us into the era where web pages can be created and published in a matter of minutes. Community web portals such as and allow users to create web pages using plug-ins that run in the browser itself.

When you create your web page, you are creating something that you want other people to see. Maybe you just want to share photos with your family, or maybe you’ve written some great fan fiction that you want to show off to every other Harry Potter fan. No matter the reason for creating your page, you are going to want people to look at it, and while they are looking at it you want to keep them happy so they come look at it again.

Designing a really good web page is hard, well beyond the scope of this article. So instead of telling you what you should do, we are going to tell you some things that you should not do. By following the advice in this article, we can’t guarantee you that you will have a great web page, but we can guarantee that it will drastically reduce the number of people who are horrified by it.

Big Blocks of Text
Ideally, your web page will look a lot like a page out of a magazine. Your text will be evenly spaced with breaks between paragraphs. Reading long passages on a web page is not as easy as reading one in a book, so give your reader’s eyes a break by giving them nice bits of white space. This will allow them time to take a breath, absorb what you just said, and move on to the next chunk.

Horizontal Scrolling
Unless you use some really specific coding on your web page, most web browsers will happily wrap the text at the end of the screen. This way your users just have to keep scrolling down to read what you are trying to say. Sometimes however, even the most well intentioned web page designer can accidentally “break” the browser window and cause it to think that it is bigger than it actually is. This is most often caused by having wide pictures on your page. If your picture is 1000 pixels wide, then any user who has their desktop set to 800 by 600 will suddenly find that they have to horizontally scroll across your page to not only see the entire picture, but anything that you have written.

Mouse Followers
Imagine going to a web page that you really want to read. You arrive at that web page and while you are navigating around, you notice something odd. There is stuff following your mouse around! Maybe it’s a cat, maybe it’s a hundred cats, or maybe it’s a bunch of different colored text that chases your mouse around, and when you stop moving the mouse, reassembles itself into a clock. No matter what it is, it’s distracting and annoying. They were kinda neat 5 years ago for 2 minutes, but not anymore. You want people to read your page, so stop distracting them!

You are sitting in your office/den/bedroom, browsing the web looking for the latest figures/antiques/American Idol gossip when all of a sudden Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” starts coming out of your speakers. Only it’s not even the real version of the song, it’s a cheap MIDI of the song that sounds like someone is playing it on their Gameboy. When people are browsing the web, if they want to listen to music they will choose their own and put it in their CD player. They don’t want you forcing music on them, especially if you are doing it just for the heck of it. There might be a few, a very few, web pages out there that warrant having music embedded in them, but I have yet to run across one. If you insist on doing this, at least give your visitors fair warning.

The human eye is naturally drawn to movement. If you have a happy face on your web page doing the Macarena, then that is what your visitor’s eyes are going to keep being pulled toward. Do you want your readers reading your vacation story, or staring at the dancing happy face? If you need to draw attention to something, use different colored text or a different font. Never, ever, have more than one animation in one browser window unless you are intentionally trying to trigger epileptic fits.

Unnecessary Plug-ins
People are uncomfortable downloading unfamiliar software to their computer, and rightly so. Therefore you should avoid placing anything on your web page that forces your users to download a plug-in. People have gotten used to Java and Flash, and putting something on your page that requires one of those is generally okay. However people are not going to want to download “Joe’s Super Cool Weather Info Plugin” just so they can see the current temperature (plus great offers) whenever they visit your web page.

Your website is a gift to your friends, family, or the whole world. Try to make your web page as neat and clean as possible. Most likely you want your web site to be one that people come to again and again, so you want to make sure that when people are reading your page they are not distracted or annoyed by a bunch of cutesy bells and whistles. Respect your visitors and they will respect your website.

YouTube spam is when a video is posted for the sole purpose of being a sales pitch. It is simply a way to try and get a quick buck from the YouTube community. You definitely want to avoid putting up things like this and start earning a great amount of money on the internet.

You definitely want to consider posting an incredible message that can add value to the users experience. Not only will this increase your chances for a sale, but it can also help your chances of trying to build up your reputation and have subscribers as well. When you have subscribers to your video – you ultimately increase your chances of sales as you will have repeat buyers – depending on what the purpose of your website is. You just want to make sure that you have content that is relevant to the keywords listed on your page.

If you have a website about dog products, and you have a video posted about dog products – then why not post a “how-to” video instead of a “buy-now” video. People actually hate those advertisements as they seem like a cheap way to get some quick cash – these days it can be rather hard to separate people from their hard earned money.

If you are an affiliate marketer, you definitely want to consider the use of redirect links as people don’t like affiliate links – they seem rather spammy. Therefore you want to consider the possibility of using redirect links so they seem like legitimate website URL’s as opposed as long unnecessary links that point towards the web site. By combining this with excellent video messages, you can ensure that your YouTube etiquette will be grade “A.”

youtube-communityAnother thing that you want to consider doing is to start building a friendship/YouTube community with many of the members that are around. You can start commenting on their videos and even start e-mailing them. You don’t want to start spamming, however, you want to make sure that you build a relationship with many of the YouTube people so that you can help them and help yourself at the same time. Remember, marketing is nothing if you do not have any contacts or networking. Be sure to treat Youtube marketing like a real-world business. By doing this you can achieve an incredible amount of success with YouTube!

When looking at the two department stores Walmart and Nordstrom’s, it is much easier to contrast differences than compare similarities. This is because they are at opposite ends of the economic spectrum; Walmart specializes in discounted prices, while Nordstrom focuses on quality at a higher price. Both companies enjoy much success, however. To attract customers that are more interested in each company’s characteristics, their marketing strategies differ from one another greatly. A marketing mix is defined as “product, price, place, and promotion – the controllable set of activities that a firm uses to respond to the wants and needs of customers”. . The differences in these four areas become obvious when we look at them at a glance.

Walmart offers many different products to suit every possible need of their customers. From automobile repair services to groceries to a variety of products in between, it is a one-stop shopping excursion for most of their customers. They also produce private label goods, such as Great Value, Sam’s Choice, and Equate. They even have a real estate division for commercial development. Walmart jumps on the bandwagon whenever they see an opportunity – and seem to prosper because so.

Nordstrom’s also strives to meet customer satisfaction through offering an array of products. “Our goal is to offer a well-edited range of products for a variety of lifestyles.”. While they don’t offer common, everyday needs like toiletries, groceries or cat litter; they do offer more upscale products such as apparel and home décor. Nordstrom, like Walmart, offer a private label – but without the notable discount.

Walmart has developed quite the reputation in our country for its low prices. Many name brands are apprehensive of Walmart’s private label. “In July (2006), Coca-Cola disclosed in a lawsuit filed in Atlanta that it changed its distribution of Powerade because it feared if it did not, Wal-Mart would come up with its own, competing version of the beverage.” . Nordstrom’s does not use a low price tag to attract customers; instead they use quality. While it is pricier to shop for clothes and home décor at Nordstrom’s; most designer labels prove to be of better quality, uniqueness, and durability.

Walmart’s private label brands goes directly from the assembly line to their store shelves. Eliminating the middle man helps them to offer such inexpensive store labels. Other suppliers they use to stock the shelves are bought from in bulk quantities. Nordstrom’s, in contrast, has one distribution center located in Newark, California. While they do not have as many stores as Walmart, they can still enjoy sizable profits from selling high-end products at retail prices.

By now, word of mouth definitely works in Walmart’s favor. But they also advertise on TV. “Everyday low prices” is their current slogan, but I think most of us think of the little “Rollback” smiley face cutting all of the prices down. While I have never seen an ad campaign addressed to a television audience, Nordstrom’s does pride themselves in utilizing ‘word of mouth’ from satisfied customers. They also advertise in magazines aimed for the higher-income-bracket female.

The marketing efforts by both companies clearly show that each company aims toward a different audience. There is a difference in the market between customers that want to spend no less than $200 for a pair of shoes, and customers who will pay no more than $10. Each company aims towards their target, and most likely do not share a customer base.



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The team appreciates this article input from Franco, who we have met online and is running an online business for more than a decade already. This is based on his own experience while he was on the early stage of outsourcing his startup business. 

Growing a business from its simple, humble, home-based roots can be tricky. Things can start to get awfully complex within a very short time. You’ll find yourself dealing with the issues of licenses, employees, workers comp, lines of credit, outsourcing, and other “real” business issues. You’ll find that you may not just be able to roll out of bed, put on your bathrobe, and go to work anymore. Then again maybe you can if you play it right.

Growing a home business the right way takes finesse and planning, like how a doctors office floor plan is initiated at its first stages – already considering the possible future additional functions it will provide to patients. In fact, you should have made up a business plan at the very beginning that outlined how the business would handle future growth in various stages. If you are one of those business owners who has a plan, pat yourself on the back. Despite all the conventional wisdom and advice that clearly says that all businesses need to have a workable business plan, many, particularly home-based businesses, still do not. Is it any wonder why more than 50% of small businesses fail?

The secret to growing your home business wisely is by leveraging yourself. Leveraging yourself means utilizing the time and skills of others as an extension of you, so you can be more productive. If you have five people working on a project under your direction and supervision, you now have five pairs of hands, eyes, and ears working on the project. This is leverage. Many times leveraging yourself mean giving yourself a promotion right out of the trenches, so you can run the business. This is done by utilizing outsourced services, independent contractors, and when necessary, in-house employees.

When I started my Internet company more than ten years ago, I was the only employee. I was the web designer, programmer, accounts payable/accounts receivable departments, marketing director, and president all rolled into one. It was as though I was having social anxiety in terms of dealing the workloads with other professionals. But as business grew as it rapidly did, I realized that I needed to delegate tasks and responsibilities so I can effectively run the business. I hired a creative director/web designer, a head technician, and an office assistant who also handled our billing. I then started outsourcing all our programming work to partner companies that we worked with in Canada, Israel, and Russia.

I became more of a project manager rather than a “hands on” developer, and coordinated projects among the people we had engaged on them. Finally the business had to move out of my home office. Yet I was able to stay home most of the time and run the show from there. Which was important to me.

Make a firm plan to expand your business as needed and you will see productivity, sales, and profits all increase steadily. Your expenses will increase as well, but the increased sales volume will more than cover your higher costs, as long as you’re growing wisely. Some business owners make the mistake of going from a home office to a large, overpriced office in a high-rise building downtown in one bounce. This can overextend the business and destroy its ability to maintain profitability. Grow wisely only as needed according to your set plan, and you will better be able to maintain profitability.

Some points to ponder when growing your home business:

  1. Have people “on deck” ready to work with you when you need them – This means creating relationships and farming out work, even when you don’t yet really need to. This is done in order to establish solid working relationships with contractors before the business tsunami comes. The time to interview and identify your potential outsources is when business is still manageable and you don’t quite yet need the help. When business goes crazy, you know you’ll have people in your camp who can handle the load .
  2. Understand that geography no longer has relevance, thanks to the Net – If you are able to tap a good outsource in another part of the world and work with them on-line, do it. Especially if you can save on labor costs without sacrificing quality. One of the best moves I ever made was take on a programming shop in Siberia to do much of our smaller programming projects. What was really great about it was that their daytime was our nighttime. Clients would give me a programming job or modification, and many times it would be done by the next morning. Since the Russian programmers worked on the project during our nighttime, completions were amazingly fast. The clients loved our turnaround times, were happy with our work, and we saved big on programming labor. Everybody wins.
  3. Market yourself professionally! – When marketing your business, always market yourself as a professional company capable of taking on any size project, even if you are just one person. Go by a company name, and not your personal name, this is a common mistake. Being a corporation or LLC helps your professional image. As growth demands, hire an office assistant who can handle your calls and appointments. It will greatly enhance your professional image and help you optimize your time. If your business requires you to meet clients, then consider renting a small office in a commercial office center that will allow you to utilize shared conference rooms, secretarial services and so on as needed.
  4. Be prepared to hire employees – At some point, you will need in-house help to handle various office or shop tasks. Be ready for it and figure out the best scenario for you and your business. Often, low-cost space rented at an office park or office center will suffice. There are no long-term leases, and you can move the office whenever needed to more space if and when the time comes. On the flip-side of that, you can get out of the space fast if business takes a dip and you can no longer handle the cost.
  5. Build your organizational skills! – You will need strong organizational skills when managing multiple projects, departments and people. Figure out a good way to get and stay organized. I find a white board on one office wall helps keep things organized and keeps info available at a glance. Use teleconferencing, instant messaging, skype and email to maintain communication with your people and outside help. Remember, the people working with you are your team, and you’re the quarterback. You call out the plays.
  6. Know when to give up the reins! – At some point your business may get too big for you to run yourself. If that’s the case, be honest with yourself, know your limitations and have a plan in place to deal with this possibility. Hiring a professional manager or executive may be the way to go. Then relegate yourself to a position where you can be the strongest asset to the business. Selling or merging with another company may also be a worthy option. Make sure you’re aware of all the options you have in this case. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with cashing out of a successful business at the right time, and/or letting others continue to grow it for you.

Use leverage, surround yourself with good people, watch your expenses and let your business grow according to your plans. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid of growth. Properly managed, it’s a great “problem” for your business to have.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a key factor for any website as long as they want to stay high in the page rankings. SEO, simply known as keywords, could be therefore called as the gateway of any website. If you need to enhance the web traffic of your site, you have to work with those keywords more often. Every webmaster thinks it important to have a keyword analysis done whenever possible. To make money online, you need to have keyword rich contents and moneymaking keywords.

Placing the sales pitch of your website on the first page i.e. google searches, is definitely a winning factor already and will give you the chance to improve your sales or whatever your website wants from the internet world.

As an example, you happen to be a regular guy who owns a plumbing business in your local area. To test how it works, and to find out who among you in the competition, having the same business gets noticed in google results, you will naturally type ‘plumber los angeles‘ (if you are in LA, California) in the google searches box. This is in simplest form what we call keywords. Again as an example, you were convinced how the SEO process can generate promising results, so you got your own company website and now you are ready to learn how SEO works. As a beginner, you will normally key in ‘plumber seo guide‘  so you can check all the available resources that offer information about SEO for plumbers.

Some (bigger) companies even pay for advanced boosting just to place their websites on top of the searches. But just as how it’s done in advertising, the costing will also be relatively higher. For startups like us, we can always learn, try and apply the basics of SEO. In the long run, the concept of SEO itself will let us think of strategies and tricks. But remember, just as with other businesses, honesty counts too. If you bump into the word ‘black hat SEO’ as you learn, this is an SEO practice that you should not even think of trying. Google penalizes those who cheat, remember that.

How can you create moneymaking keywords?

This is not a tough task to be done. Keywords fall into three different categories:

  1. Research Keywords. These keywords are used to gather information. These searches will be completely on academic interest. The person who performs this search will not be having an intention to buy anything.
  2. Shopping Keywords. As the name suggests, the persons who search with these keywords will be interested in buying something. But the problem is that you never know when they are going to buy it. Sometimes these people might be gathering all available information on a particular product before buying it. They might sometimes be looking for a comparison on various brands as well.
  3. Money Keywords. This is the most important section for someone who is or is trying to be making money online. This time the searchers are definitely looking to buy some product or service, for sure. Internet marketers find these search words as their best possible way to gain more profit. An ordinary web visitor will turn to a potential buyer when he types a money keyword. That is the reason why these keywords are considered the hottest ones.

Having read the above, now you might think that money keywords alone can make magic. That is not true. You need to have all of these three categories in your website, money keyword being the most important one.

How can you identify a pure money keyword?

You may be amazed to know that some keywords you always thought to be a part of research keywords, are really money keywords. To find out the hottest keywords, you need to do keyword analysis every now and then. While selecting a money keyword, you should ensure that it would help a person who is looking to buy some products online.

These keywords should guide him to the best seller and offer him the best possible price. Hopefully you can put what you have learned here into practice and find the best keywords to make money with. Remember, not all keywords are created equal – do your research. That is one competitive edge you can have to push for higher rankings.

Now that you have an online presence, it’s important to remember that your website doesn’t have to be accessible only on the Internet. A recent marketing trend has been to create offline websites, or stand-alone Flash projector files on CD-ROM. These CDs have an “auto run” feature that launches an interactive presentation, brochure, or catalogue as soon as the disc is inserted into a computer. With these offline websites, small and medium-sized businesses are finding it easier to stand out from their competition and gain brand recognition.


With offline websites, your potential customers don’t need an Internet connection. Even bad or slow connection problems are a thing of the past. Graphically-intense content that would require substantial loading time for dial-up users is no longer taboo. This includes music, video-even television commercials can be put on your offline website. Your offline website CD-ROM can be passed out at trade shows or mailed to customers who can explore your website or catalogue without connecting to the Internet.


The offline websites can be on special shaped CD-ROMs, from multi-functional business card CDs to simple geometric shapes, to custom shapes of your corporate logo or a signature product. Talented designers will make your offline website even more successful by making it entertaining, informative, and easy to use. Even simple interactive features like videos, quizzes, and games can make your offline website more memorable and more likely to be shared.


A CD-ROM can hold up to 15,000 photographic images, 250,000 pages of text, over 70 minutes of full motion video, or 650 megabytes of computer programming. They costs as little as $0.60 each, although custom shaped CDs will cost a little more. CDs are light and innovative, and stand out among printed trade materials, and are fairly cheap to mail. As CD-ROMs, your offline website can hold more information, is cheaper to make, and easier to transport and distribute than a traditional print catalogue or brochure.

Here are some suggested ways to use your offline website effectively:

1. Train your staff through video demonstrations, games, quizzes, and other interactive media

2. Highlight a single new product

3. Send out a portfolio with examples of projects completed for other clients and customer testimonials

4. Provide virtual tours of facilities or real estate

5. Distribute extensive product catalogues with dynamic and interactive features

It’s important to remember your existing website doesn’t have to become your offline website, too. Professionals can create special content to highlight any facet of your company and make it available at the click of a button, when your competition is still asking potential customers to read through thick brochures or endure long loading times online.

Internet marketing has had its advantages from day one. These advantages have continued to increase as the state of the internet has improved. Everybody enjoys the instant access that is afforded from online digital products and services. The popularity of ebooks is growing daily. There is no indication that this will ever change, and so the number of online customers, as well as the number of advantages, for online marketers will continue to grow.

One of the undisputed advantages of the internet is its convenience. If you have a computer and internet access, you can conduct business anytime and anywhere you please. Now that many people have laptop computers, this becomes even truer. Information and digital products are only a mouse click away.

online-marketingFor the product marketer, advertising costs are greatly reduced with the number of methods available. One of these methods would be email marketing campaigns. You can send costly postcards to thousands of people and may recognize some success a week or two later. With email, however, you can send out emails to the same thousand people and notice an increase in sales an hour from now-all for no cost.

Suppose your business runs with no online marketing, and you just found out one of your products will be discontinued. You want to run a sale to clear your stock, but it will take a few days to reach your customers with the news. Now, the guy down the street also has this product and has gotten the same news. Suppose your competitor does his marketing online. Your competitor can send one mass mailing out to customers and have them at his store that same evening. You will most likely end up being stuck with the product while your competitor has moved onto the new, improved model.

Yet another advantage of the internet is you have the world at your fingertips ready to become your next customer. Starting a business, you have the people who can physically travel to your store as customers. This number is limited to the people willing to make that trip. The internet reaches just about every nook and cranny of the world. If you open your store online, your customer base is anyone with internet access-a growth of millions. Each and every day, more people join the online community. As they are added to the internet, they are also added to your customer database. You can’t beat this advantage.

The advantages to marketing online are numerous. It is great to interact with people personally and have these people shop in your store, but you cannot beat the added customer base the internet allows you. Not to mention the instant availability of information, products and services. Online marketing is here to stay.

It has often been stated that Internet marketers need their own website to have a successful business. Your own website is certainly a place where you can direct potential customers and sell your affiliate product, but, it is not absolutely essential. Many of today’s article directories will not accept affiliate links, but, this is something that can be worked around. Yes, it is possible to make a living online in affiliate marketing even if you do not have the benefit of your own website.

I will show how this is possible. Continue to read and I will show you alternative strategies that will allow you to make the most out of your affiliate marketing campaigns without having your own webpage on the Internet.

Affiliate marketing is a program whereby the affiliate can earn some generous commissions for every sale they manage to refer to the affiliate merchant. The affiliate’s role is to simply pre-sell the affiliate merchant’s goods. All of the mechanics of the actual sale are the responsibility of the affiliate merchant, for instance, online payments, the digital delivery of the product, and customer service.

The role of affiliate marketing is only to direct people to the affiliate merchant’s sales page. The affiliate marketer needs to convince people to click on the provided affiliate hyperlinks. These affiliate links are crucial since they indicate to the affiliate merchant what affiliate directed a particular customer to the website. Each affiliate link will uniquely identify the affiliate to the merchant.

Marketing the affiliate merchant’s goods without having a website means marketing the affiliate links in a variety of different ways. This can be done through utilizing the following techniques:

Article Marketing

It has long been recognised how powerful affiliate marketing can be in link building campaigns. Instead of providing links to your own website, the affiliate provides their unique affiliate links instead. Article directories allow you a resource box per submission, where you can provide a brief biography of yourself as well as leave your affiliate link. What you must remember is that some article directories do not allow affiliate links in the bodies of the articles themselves, and even restrict their usage in the resource box of the article. It is possible to use a redirect page in some instances. Some terrific directories to start your article marketing campaign are, and

Your article marketing will also be improved greatly by incorporating the recent development called Social Bookmarking.

Forum Marketing

Online communities, or forums, are another great means by which you could promote your affiliate links. Membership to most forums will allow you to include a signature box and in this area you can also include your affiliate link. Every message that you post to the forum will include your signature and affiliate link, so if you post one hundred messages then that is one hundred times your link is being advertised for free. If you want to know which forums are relevant to your affiliate product then you can use the tool at The other alternative is to type your niche area into Google (or an equivalent search engine) enclosed in talking marks with the word forums beside it enclosed in talking marks, for example: “Christmas Cross Stitching” “forums”.

Advertise in eZines

Some eZines will have an advertising cost that you will have to pay. Dependant onyour financial situation, this could promote your affiliate links to highly targeted prospects. Consider an eZine that has a list of 5,000 people. You could immediately be able to reach 5,000 quality leads with one advertisement. In your advertisement include your affiliate link to direct people to the affiliate merchant’s website.

There are many more possibilities that allow affiliate marketers to be very successful without a website. Most of the strategies I have discussed here can be achieved without spending a single cent. If you do not have the financial resources to register a domain or to subscribe to a web hosting service, you can still achieve success with affiliate marketing. As I have shown joining affiliate program and promoting affiliate links is free so make a plan and go out and make a start.